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 Maximo login error when using Google Chrome but same username/password works using Microsoft Edge?

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justin haley posted 06-08-2021 18:04

As of this morning some our users are unable to access our Maximo environment using Google Chrome.

I replicated the issue using my credentials in Google Chrome and found that I was able to login using the same info in Microsoft Edge.  Some of our users appear to be unaffected and some have reported that Edge/IE still does not allow them to login. 

The login info is based on their active directory account... any ideas?
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Maximo Certified Steven Shull
I can't say I've seen anything like this. I verified Chrome was up to date on my PC and tested a few of our environments and didn't have any issues. Are these utilizing saved credentials or being typed in the browser?

If you're able to review logintracking (either from the database or in the Manage Sessions dialog in the Users application), are you seeing these attempts as FAILED? And if so, are you seeing it as FAILED for that user specifically or no user identified? If a login fails that doesn't match with a valid user, Maximo logs it with a null USERID. 

If you're on Oracle/DB2, I'd make sure that the loginid on the user matches what is being provided by the user. If there are case differences (IE loginid is SSHULL but the user is typing sshull) and the system property mxe.convertloginid isn't enabled then that would be an issue. This wouldn't make sense for different experiences on browsers unless the credentials were saved and somehow the loginid was adjusted (such as by the LDAP/VMMSYNC process).
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Maximo Certified Biplab Choudhury

Very unusual issue. Only thing which I can think of is that one of the JVM( your chrome browser connecting to this jvm) is in a unstable state. Check your web browser logs to see which jvm is receiving your failed login requests. 

Unstable JVM state could be that admin mode is on in that particular JVM cache or something is wrong in that JVM which is failing the AD authentication.
There could be many more reason but I would start from web browser logs to see which JVM is rejecting your login requests. Stop that particular JVM to see if you are facing this issue.

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justin haley
It looks like the network team pushed a windows patch to the Maximo server and that caused the login errors. Rebooting the server appears to have resolved the issue. I'll update this post with specific details once I know more.