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    Posted 07-11-2022 21:42
    Escalation runs on the system level data so you can use the work order object and write a query to pickup the work orders for 2 sites.
    Escalation can be associated with Actions.
    Maximo actions application comes with inbuilt option to chose the application action to trigger when the action is triggered from escalation.
    1. Create escalation with work order as object and appropriate query
    2. Create an escalation point : this is a mandatory step and actions are associated to an escalation point. You can further trim you  work order query here and trigger specific actions for each escalation point. Repeat checkbox here is very important and in your case make sure it is unchecked.
    3. Click new row in the actions tab and navigate to Action application from the action field.
    4. Select application action and choose WFINITIATE to initate work order as value for the action.
    5. Populate the workflow name in the parameters field.
    6. Save action and come back to escalation and save escaltion.
    7. schedule the escalation to test it.


    Biplab Choudhury
    BPD Zenith Australia