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  • 1.  Maximo communications

    Posted 06-11-2024 17:52
    Can Maximo notify users that a record (such as a service request or work order) is currently being edited by another user, to prevent simultaneous updates


    Rashi Ghosh

  • 2.  RE: Maximo communications

    Posted 06-13-2024 17:01

    Hi Rashi! 

    It's complex. When you consult a record, Maximo sends it to you, you have it open on your screen, you are not modifying it yet. You start to modify it (changing the description for example), but you have not modified it yet because the change is not impacted... it is still on the screen. Should the script notify? Let's assume that the script notifies at that moment, then you later regret what you were modifying and leave it as it was and do not save any changes and then the notification was wrong. And if you decide to notify on save and there are 10 users editing the same record, successive scripts would fire against the initial user when it was then changed many times.

    I do not see it. It is very complex in my opinion.

    What we have is a custom that only allows you to modify a record when you are the owner (OWNER) and we use it in SR and WO. If you are an OWNER, the fields to modify are enabled. If you are not the OWNER, everything is blocked.

    Then, there are groups of people (OWNERGROUPS). If you and the owner are in the same group (the same OWNERGROUP), then the system leaves you enabled the "TAKE OWNERSHIP" button to become the owner. At that moment you take away the property and become the new owner.

    There are object type scripts that evaluate the changes in them and you can create one that is activated in the "Save" event (for me it is the most appropriate) of the BEFORE_SAVE type to be able to compare the OLD_OWNER and the NEW_OWNER and send an email to OLD_OWNER in case they are different. 


    Martin Fabra
    ARSAT S.A. - Actively seeking employment

  • 3.  RE: Maximo communications

    Posted 06-13-2024 17:42

    Hi Martin, 

    Thanks for responding. 

    That sounds complicated. What we need is some sort of indicator, pop up message or something that tells that someone is editing this record (SR or WO). We don't want to prevent them from editing but just notifying that someone has it open. Otherwise they make all changes and can't find out until they save it and get an error message unable to save the record. 


    Rashi Ghosh

  • 4.  RE: Maximo communications

    Posted 06-17-2024 13:32

    Hi @Rashi Ghosh Yes, we can use the Maximo pre-built OOB solution. That is Edit mode enabled, which is present in application designers. But the catch here is that anyone who is first trying to modify that record needs to click on the pencil icon so that they will be the be the owner of that particular record, and during that time if some other user is trying to update the record, they will get notified.

    Vivek Nagre