West Mountain Maximo User Group Webinar

When:  Aug 25, 2021 from 08:00 to 11:00 (MT)


The mission of the Regional Maximo West Mountain User Group is to provide a forum for those utilizing Maximo to manage assets, as well as discuss upgrades, 3rd party add-on solutions, and Industry solutions. To engage the community to discuss best practices, lessons learned, tips & tricks, etc. sharing the knowledge and experience of end-users and SME's throughout the community regarding Maximo usage, implementations, upgrades, integrations, and what's new in Maximo. The goal of this user group is in sharing knowledge and networking keeping you up to date in maximizing the efficiency of your Maximo EAM system.

The WestMTNMUG will support the West mountain region community by organizing Seasonal Regional meetings and workshops throughout the year.

This is your group! Involvement is the key to group success. Contact the group leader if you would like to add a topic for discussion or would like to present a topic of related interest within the community at our next scheduled meeting.

The agenda is final for our August 25th West Mountain MUG Webinar! We will have a focus theme on "The Cloud" Here is the agenda with highlights of presentations:
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Keynote Presentation - Steve Richmond 
Maximo in the Cloud- The Good, the Bad, and the…Security
This session will highlight the benefits of employing a cloud solution for Enterprise Asset Management. Some of the key concepts to be covered include the pros of a cloud environment and different deployment possibilities. Cloud computing can provide flexibility, agile “concept to go-live” implementation, and lower capital outlay. There are also other benefits, such as economies of scale and the professional authority of the software provider. Cloud computing does not come without risk, so this discussion will also explore these potential factors to consider with respect to a cloud EAM solution.

Kansas City Aviation Departments Smooth Flight to the Cloud
Moving to the cloud can appear to be a cumbersome and scary task. However, EDI’s consulting services and Projetech’s ‘Lift & Shift’ methodology provide a proven migration path to Projetech’s Maximo As a Service (MaaS) with very little effort from the customer. Kansas City Aviation Departments' recent migration into the Projetech cloud is a great example of how beneficial and easy the transition can be. In this presentation, we’ll share with you the business case for KCAD’s move to MaaS as well as walk you through the smooth and painless migration process so you know exactly what to plan for and expect."

Cloud Readiness Checklist
What can you do now to prepare to migrate Maximo to the cloud? We will review key points to help you prepare. Going through this exercise will make you more aware of your implementation, and help to better document it. "

Evolution of GSA's Facility Management Strategy using Maximo
"An overview of the United States General Services Administration's (GSA) strategy to employ Maximo to manage a facilities inventory of more than 370 million square feet of workspace for approximately 1.1 million federal employees."



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