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 Any issues with modifying the WOSTATUS table?

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Gavin Criddle posted 04-02-2024 03:17

Hi there,

I have to perform some data clean up on some work orders and I wanted to know if there was any risks with deleting records from the WOSTATUS table, in terms of breaking workflow or functionality.

Duplicate information was pushed into Maximo and it has been correct with the integration tool but there are remaining duplicate entries in the Work Order History field that need to be removed.  They are not the latest entry in history so I don't think they would break anything.

I've deleted the records with an SQL statement in a test environment and I couldn't see any issues so besides taking a copy of the data I removed, for audit purposes, is there anything I should be concerned with if I make changes to the WOSTATUS table?

Thanks for any help,


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Steven Shull

No, this information doesn't drive additional business functionality. If these records are truly errant and you're deleting the earlier duplicate, you should be fine.