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 Asset type synonym domain

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Peter Watkins posted 07-10-2024 18:50

Good morning,

The assettype domain is a synonym domain with 4 preloaded values: Building, Fleet, IT and Operations.

I have been requested to load approximately 200 different assets into a domain, so they are available for selection. I believe that a synonym domain can't be expanded on, or the existing synonyms altered so how can i make the 200 asset types available in the TYPE field on the ASSET application (asset. assettype).

Hope the very amateurish screenshot helps


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Viet Tran

Hi Peter

Yes, you can add new values to the ASSETTYPE synonym domain. The Add New button is just a bit difficult to see in the new MAS UI. It is the + button above the value table when the synonym domain is opened. 

For each new value, leave the Internal Value as PRODUCTION, put the new value in the (External) Value field. See below

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Craig Kokay

Hi Peter,

I would think carefully if that is the correct use of the field.  The domain is firstly a synonym domain; therefore, you will have to align each of the 200 new entries to one of the four internal values.  See this reference doc.  There is a little confusion between what is the difference between the asset type versus the specification.  The only time that the asset type can be important is when you are using Maximo IT.