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Matt F posted 07-09-2024 12:21

Hi Folks,

Working in MX, has anyone fulfilled a request to add a full background colour to a checkbox? I'm looking to simulate the "Required Field" background look without making the field required. I was able to apply a cssclass of bgyellow, but it only added the colour to the border of the checkbox.

I have tried using the background_colour property with both the color and/or hex names with no success. Hoping to avoid any .css modifications on the server.

Thanks in advance!


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Jason Pun

Hi Matt

The checkbox is an image cb_unchecked.gif and cb_unchecked_over.gif, so that why you cannot only change the css to change the background colour, if you need to update all uncheck box with another colour, you can download the image and replace the original after changed colour, the image is under the folder maximouiweb\webmodule\webclient\images before build and deploy.

For test and development, you can direct update the image under maximouiweb.war\webclient\images which is the folder after deployment