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 Finding Report Parameter Criteria From Previously Scheduled Reports

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Bob Kraus posted 03-29-2024 14:36

In my Scheduled Reports, I have several of the same report that have different criteria in their parameters.

When I view them in the Reports and Schedules dialog, I cannot see the entry for the report parameter.

I have searched some of the Maximo tables and found [dbo.reportsched] that shows these scheduled reports but this does not hold the parameter entry. What table holds these parameters?

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Bob Kraus

I downloaded the Maximo76_ReportAdminFeature Guide and found this:
Its viewable in the Cron Task called REPORTSCHEDULE, which provides that information in Maximo. The tables that house parameter name and value are CRONTASKPARAM.PARAMETER and CRONTASKPARAM.DISPVALUE

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Sean Belmont

We had the same issue, so we added those fields in the CRONTASKPARAM table to the View Scheduled Reports.