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 How to add button under More Actions in App Designer

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Danny Richardson's profile image
Danny Richardson posted 09-13-2023 15:53

How can I add this button under More Actions "Add/Update Image" to another application that we have designed for Assets?


Thank you

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Steven Shull

The first thing you need to do is ensure you have the proper signature options defined in your application. In Application Designer, open your new application and use the Select Action->Add/Modify Signature Options. Search for the options listed below. If they do not exist, create them. Whether you create them or not, ensure the security group(s) you want to have access have access to these permissions for your new application.

Option Name: ITEMIMAGE
Description: Add/Update Image 

Visible: Enabled

Description: Delete Image from Image Library

Visible: Enabled

Then in Application Designer for the application, use the Select Action->Add/Modify Select Action Menu. Ensure the following key exists.

Element Type: OPTION

Position: 950

Subposition: 0

Visible: Enabled

Tabs: MAIN

NOTE: Position & subposition can be changed as you want as long as it's unique.