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 How to retrieve data from external api using maximo

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Jose Arturo Pitti posted 05-17-2024 11:54


i have done all necesary to populate my object structure for weather time.

I thinks somenthing is missing, i want to keep my tabla xxx_weather updated, i have made my object structure, my endpoint, my external system, my json mapping but i read somenthing that i have to put api crontask running to retrieve data from or otherone.

Maping JSON.

This is my api url 

and my external system.

When i test my external system also works fine.

But my tabla xxx_ or objectructure isn't populate.

Any help i really appreciate that.


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Sankar Ganesh V S's profile image
Sankar Ganesh V S

Hi Jose,

As I understanf the data import preview is wokring , but not from the Maximo cron?

Could you please clarify below Questions?

Did you also try it is postman or any REST API tool to confirm?

Is it a custom cron task for pulling data from API?

If the API is workig froma tool and fails is cron task, you may check the custom code related.


Jose Arturo Pitti's profile image
Jose Arturo Pitti

Hi Sankar Ganesh,

I don't know how to put this in cron task, if you have an example of how i can retrieve this info, i will appreciate this.