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 Installation Manager doesn't allow me to enter credentials so I can't update websphere

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Megan Matthews posted 05-20-2023 16:34

I am working in Windows 2019 and I have Maximo and Websphere 9.0.13 and I have always been able to select the option to auto download updates from IBM which allows me to update websphere and the HTTP servers to the latest versions. In one of my environments, when I try to do this it doesn't ask me for the password and gives me an error that it can't reach the repositories. I deleted the stored credentials in the app, deleted them on the server, and tried to manually add them to the URL for the HTTP server repository and it still won't update, and when I download the FP15 pack for HTTP server and add it to the repostories I get an error because it can't find the existing .13 repositories. Anyone seen this before and have any ideas? 

Megan Matthews
NAES EAM Supervisor

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Prashant Sharma

Hi Megan,

Have you tried this -

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Megan Matthews

Hi Prashant, 

I did try that but it didn't fix the problem. I have been able to access this in the past on this server, not sure why it isn't working now.