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 Interacting with Workflow Input Nodes via REST API

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B Sobotik posted 03-15-2023 17:51

Is it possible to interact with workflow input nodes without a session (requests made using API key)? I have no issues initiating workflow or handling task nodes without input options when I make requests using the API key however when I try to POST an input node option to the location URL (redirect) provided by a task node I get an error: oslc#invlaidwfinstid (yes, invlaid not invalid).

If I start a session and make the requests (i.e. log in with basic auth, choose a task route, POST input option to location in previous response, etc.) it works fine.

I'm using Postman and cookies are being shared from request to request.

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Prashant Sharma

Which version of Maximo are you using? 

What is the context you are using /maximo or /api?