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 Minimum length for location field?

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Rob Radcliff posted 03-22-2023 15:27

Hi All,

We're looking for a way to limit the location field in the WO app to a minimum of 6 characters. We're wondering if something in the Lookup.xml or Library.xml would fit the bill?

Ideally, it would just affect the WO screen, but we could live with it affecting all screens.



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Alex Walter Best Answer


I don't know of a simple way to enforce a minimum length of an entered data point in Maximo. However, this can be done with a relatively straightforward automation script. Something like:

if not mbo.isNull("LOCATION") and len(mbo.getString("LOCATION")) < 6:
        # Work Order Location Input does not meet minimum length requirement
        service.error("custom", "WoLocMinInputLength")

You'll need to create a custom message in the MAXMESSAGES table (Database Configuration > More Actions > Messages) to give a proper message to the user when they enter a value that doesn't meet the length requirement.

You might also consider other conditions that may or may not apply to this rule, such as PMs vs on-demand work orders.

Hope this helps,


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Latoya Jernigan

You can change your limit of characters by going to database configuration and select the object WORKORDER. Then click on the attribute tab and go to location...and change its length there.