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 Need to embed Inspection forms in Create Incident(Oil) application

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Mahadevan Ramakrishnan posted 03-23-2023 10:40


Would like to know the procedure to embed the inspection forms in Create Incident(Oil) application.OOTB Maximo has the inspection forms available only for limited set of applications and would like to get an idea as to what efforts it will take to add the feature to other applications?

We have a requirement currently to answer a set of questions on the Incidents and we wanted to utilize the inspections forms feature instead of developing a custom app.


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Steven Shull

Vinicius had documented the process for adding it to the receiving process but I'm struggling to find the link. I'm thinking it maybe was documented in developerworks and was lost when that was sunset. 

The design of inspections was intended for it to be added to additional applications with minimal effort. I believe you need to add an INSPFORMNUM attribute to the object with a table domain (or retrieve list automation script). Then you need some logic to create the inspectionresult for that form and set the referenceobject & referenceobjectid. Then you would display the resultnum via a relationship and use that as a Go To so it can launch the application.

What I don't know is if there are hard dependencies on relationship names and such. If you go down this path and hit an issue let me know and I can try and test adding it.