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 PM Children force the Parent PM to Generate

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Danny Richardson's profile image
Danny Richardson posted 03-20-2023 16:45

We are wanting to group PMs by Location within the Plant (i.e. Machines and auxiliary equipment).  The Parent PM generates based upon an HRS meter.  The Children are calendar based.  The problem is that when one of the children work orders generate it automatically causes the entire "family = parent and all children" to generate, even though they are not due yet.  Is this a setting that can be changed?  Thank you for any ideas.

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Craig Kokay Best Answer

When have a PM hierarchy, it is true that any PM that is due within the hierarchy will cause the entire PM hierarchy to generate.  If you don't want this to occur i.e. only generate based on the top-level PM, then you need to unset the "Use this PM to Trigger PM Hierarchy" on each PM below the top-level.

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Prashant Sharma

There is no setting to do it. If you are using PM Hierarchy then it is the way, Functionality will behave or customization will be required.

If you are trying to use PM Hierarchy for the group PMs by Location within the Plant (i.e. Machines and auxiliary equipment) then you can add a custom field on the PM record and save the record there.