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 Using Barcode for MRO inventory receiving, Issuing, stock counting

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David Thompson posted 07-08-2022 08:30
Can anyone point me in the direction of source of  info on the general use of barcoding for inventory, i.e receiving, issuing and stock counting
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Biplab Choudhury
Hi David,

I could not find any source/reference for barcode scanning in Maximo. 
I am sure if you put your specific question here then fellow Maximo consultant will provide more info based on their experience.
I have implemented barcode scanning using Maximo Anywhere Service request application for asset number scanning for ease of creation of Service request by end users. I am very sure the barcode scanning feature is available in all the anywhere application including the issues & returns anywhere application.
Barcode scanning feature is available in Maximo work center ( used it for a POC) and new mobility solution from IBM called IBM Maximo Mobile.

There can be N number os use case for barcode scanning in the Inventory/procurement process. One that comes to mind is stock count or item issue process so that users do no have to remember or search for difficult item numbers.

Biplab Das Choudhury
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Jan Lowe

As for resources, there are a ton out there. An excellent place to start would be to check out some inventory management blogs or YouTube channels.