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 Where Clause is repeating in the Locations application

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Kevin Estrella posted 11-14-2023 11:47

We find repeating types in then whereclause of the locations application.

We checked the xml and there is no app whereclause indicated, there is no default query too. Is there any other location we need to check to remove the duplicate type in the whereclause?

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Maycon Belfort

This is weird. Does it add these types to the where clause by just entering the locations app?

Is it happening with different users with different security groups? Try checking any object restrictions in the security groups with type QUALIFIED.

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Steven Shull

It couldn't be a qualified data restriction or application restriction because those won't be viewable in the where clause. We don't allow users to see or remove things that were implemented as a security restriction. 

My first guess is that you have a lot of ORG/SITE specific values in the LOCTYPE domain. We build this where clause out in the location set and don't try to provide any specific org/site values because it's the list page of that application so I think every value would get returned. I would look to see if you actually have anything different between the sites/orgs and if not, remove all the ORG/SITE specific values and leave them at the system level. 

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Kevin Estrella

It seems to be a product bug. I tried to add new values to the LOCTYPE domain in the demo environment, then the WHERE CLAUSE of the Locations app duplicated similar to the one I posted.