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504 Gateway Time-out error

I have users reporting 504 Gateway Time-out error in Maximo when accessing Service Request. Maximo Linux servers #Administration -- Curtis Rushing Baxter Healthcare --

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MXLoader 8.1 - What's New - Recording Available

In case you missed it, the recording is now available #Data Loading​ #Administration #EverythingMaximo -- Christopher Winston Projetech Inc. --

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RE: Suggest good Dashboard/Start Centre for Maximo Administrators

Atish , you can think of various factors and build specific dashboards /KPI here are some generic: 1. JVM wise server load like target users , logged in sessions etc 2. Details around failed integration transactions 3. Details around critical cron task run/execution history 4. Reports running...

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RE: Suggest good Dashboard/Start Centre for Maximo Administrators

Atish, I wish I had 1 good answer for you, but I don't. You can find a sample at and you can skip to about 34 minutes in (in case it does not automatically start there) for a sample admin center, and this was just for a demo. What I do see in many that I have built however, is a list of users...

Data Import/ Export functionality from UI

Hi All, We are working on a requirement to expose Import/ Export functionality (in Select Action) in Maximo 7.6. As part of export file, we are trying to customize the column order in output export files. Right now, system is exporting data based on attribute names defined in Database...

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Suggest good Dashboard/Start Centre for Maximo Administrators

Guys working as Maximo Admins, could you please suggest some good dashboards / Start Centers (example: number of users logged in for each site) for System Administrators which would help in performing better system admin work. Note: Considering the integration with other systems like MS D365,...


Thank you Steven. I followed your suggestion of updating the library xml and using an automation script. I created a new instance of the dialog, since this is for SP work orders. I added savemode="ONLOADUNLOAD" to the dialog tag, so the table would refresh as soon as I clicked OK on the dialog.

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