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Asset has a non-persistent attribute HIERARCHYPATH that contains no processing class (meaning it needs to be set or initialized somewhere else). MXASSET has an outbound definition class ( and it's in this class that the value from CLASSSTRUCTURE...


In the ASSET application, we see a Classification Entry and when you look at output XML for the MXASSET OS you can see it in the schema and in the Exclude/Include fields one sees HIERARCHYPATH in the Non-OPersistent with a tick mark. Is that the CLASSTRUCTURE.HIERARCHYPATH or Value one sees...

RE: Data Import/ Export functionality from UI

I have tried changing aliases at the object structure level and the alias at the maxattribute level. Both failed to change the ordering. I don't think you are going to have much luck getting the ordering to change. Depending on the requirements an automation script might work well. You could...

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