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RE: Assignment vs. Responsibilities Fields

Two additional relevant points that I think are worth mentioning . . . When assigning work using Work Group and Lead, the values displayed for Lead are people that belong to the Work Group - this is useful, enabling PM work orders to be defined for a Work Group and then finally assigned to...

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RE: Assignment vs. Responsibilities Fields

Your explanation is good but I would also put examples in the training material. Example 1: Person (patient) is on dialysis. Lead/supervisor is the nurse-in-charge. Assignment is to whomever is going to give the actual treatment. Example 2: Computer needs software updated. Owner is whomever...

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RE: Assignment vs. Responsibilities Fields

I think I'd approach it from a historical perspective, like this: From the early days of Maximo, the way work was doled out & tracked was by use of the Supervisor, Work Group, and/or Lead fields; and that's all that was available. Then came the era where they tried to implement &...

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Assignment vs. Responsibilities Fields

I am working with a client right now who is really struggling to understand the difference between Assigning work orders on the Assignments tab and designating ownership or a Lead, Supervisor, etc. in the Responsibilities fields. We are trying to put together an explanation for their training...

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RE: Person Calendars -- how to use a generic calendar with a Holiday but add a work shift

Graphical Resource View looks like a huge leap forward in being able to achieve my goals! There's hope! (Now I just need to get some Scheduler licenses. . .) Thanks for that point in the right direction. and to IBM for providing a demo site ( ). -- Travis Herron...

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RE: Person Calendars -- how to use a generic calendar with a Holiday but add a work shift

Hi Travis, You are correct, in order to assign or to see if there is capacity, you need to have shift hours. Correct also, there are lots of implications with calendars, But where possible I encourage a single calendar and as many shifts as needed. Though I have seen 1 calendar for each shift...

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RE: Person Calendars -- how to use a generic calendar with a Holiday but add a work shift

One more, kind of related: We have an employee that splits time as a Carpenter and a Locksmith. For his Labor record, both Crafts are listed and Carpenter is the default. I have a work order with an Assignment needing a Locksmith. In Assignment Manager, I tried filtering the Labor table to...

RE: MX w/Scheduler 7.6.8 - Graphical Work Week - Work Query NOT Returning Expected Results

Hi Kevin I don't think I have enough information to answer the question here. Graphical Work Week always restricts the work/assignments it brings into a work list by the Start and End Date of the work list. If the work orders you are missing have dates outside of these that would explain it....

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