IBM Maximo Application Suite

IBM Maximo® Application Suite

IBM is taking asset management into the 21st century by integrating AI and predictive maintenance into one suite of apps called Maximo® Application Suite (MAS). This new suite of apps will allow users to sign on to a single integrated platform to access different applications across your business. MAS keeps your team on the same page by its enhanced data sharing and shared administrative controls. 

Applications Available with Maximo® Application Suite:

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Maximo® Manage

Maximo Manage optimizes performance, extends asset life cycles, and reduces operational downtime and costs. Now maintenance professional have a single solution to manage assets, schedules, resources, processes, inventories, and expenses. 

      • Reduce downtime and costs by optimizing EAM to improve operational performance
      • Leverage embedded industry expertise to accelerate your transformation
      • Customize workspaces to stay on top of critical tasks and data
      • Enhance your ROI with performance and financial analytics
      • Optimize your processes by building preventive and prescriptive processes to achieve predictive maintenance
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Maximo® Monitor

Powered by AI, Maximo Monitor is an enterprise-scale remote monitoring solution that is part of the Maximo Application Suite. Gain better insights into your operations to further prevent failure and increase uptime. 

    • Integrate data from many sources to gain better insights into your operations
    • Review your enterprise-wide operations from a single dashboard
    • Leveraging AI and analytics from operating history will uncover problems quickly
    • Find solutions to issues quicker with configurable drill-down capabilities that can integrate with your existing workflows
    • Increase your time to value by getting a low-cost, cloud-based deployment

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    Maximo® Visual Inspection

    IBM Maximo Visual Inspection delivers the power of Artificial Intelligence into the hands of subject matter experts. This solution is simple to operate, scalable, can be deployed on any process or asset, and is build to continuously improve accuracy. 

      • Deep learning analyzes operations to improve errors and execute root-cause analysis
      • Inspect and monitor from virtually anywhere, deployed on-premises, cloud, or edge devices
      • AI can quickly uncover problems and will immediately alert the correct resource to fix the issue
      • The simple streamlined interface can empower anyone to build models for AI solutions

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      Maximo® Health

      IBM Maximo Health tracks and displays the health of assets to reduce operational risk and increase asset longevityMaximo Health displays a configurable view of asset health using a mix of current and historical asset data.

        • Displays KPIs for visibility into the current health of assets 

        • Configurable health scoring criteria allowing customization of the application to provide health scores by asset type or asset group 

        • Maintain equipment by collecting and analyzing data relating to cost, age, maintenance history, and current condition readings. 

        • Integrates with other areas of the Suite, including sensor data, to leverage predictive maintenance

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        Maximo® Predict

        Maximo Predict applies machine learning and analyzes asset data to find any correlation between data with any known issues to help you predict future failures in your operations. 

          • Predict failures and take action before any downtime
          • Enable scheduled maintenance before assets fail, in turn, reducing costs
          • Utilize your assets more efficiently when predicting maintenance failures
          • Improve reliability by extending the life of your assets
          • Make production more efficient to deliver a higher output in your operations

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        Maximo® Mobile

        Maximo Mobile is designed to transfer knowledge to any technician with just in-time upskilling and step-by-step
        guidance powered by IBM’s world renowned AI and your remote human based assistant. 

          • Empower your workers with AI assistance or by connecting remotely with subject matter experts
          • Access data from anywhere even in disconnected mode
          • Improve your operations with existing capabilities available through mobile
          • Access real-time data from operating assets to enable learning, diagnostics and action.

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        Unsure where to start?

        Maximo Application Suite is a massive change from Maximo 7.6.X. Contact us to learn how to get started on your Maximo Application Suite upgrade.

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