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 Select file buton disapearing when uncheking copy file to defualt location

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Benoit Jacques posted 06-21-2022 14:12
Hello all,

Is there way to keep the "Select file" button in the docklinks dialog window when you uncheck the "Copy file to default location" in Chrome? Our files are organised on a network share. In the Invoice app, we want to be able to browse the file location whitout copying it to the default doclinks location. It works in IE11, the button remain active when we uncheck the box. But in Chrome, FireFox and Edge, unchecking the box disables the button and gives only a textbox to past in the path of the file. 

Thank you.
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Maximo Certified Steven Shull Best Answer
That's related to the system property mxe.doclink.usefileprompt which is disabled by default but is enabled in your system. You can learn about it here:

Unfortunately, it's always been restricted to Internet Explorer. All other browsers (Firefox, Chrome, etc.) don't provide the original path of the file for security reasons. Even Internet Explorer had this as an option that had to be enabled on newer versions. This isn't something that we can add without browser support so this won't be implemented for other browsers.