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RE: Missed attachments from Asset application

This is what I would do: 1. Get a list of all the docs currently attached. Something like "Select urlname from docinfo;" 2. Get a filesystem list of the files on the doclinks. Something like "cd /doclinks && find "$PWD" " (or the equvalent for your OS) 3. Run a diff against both lists. This...

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Missed attachments from Asset application

Hello All, We have faced a strange scenario where recently we observed that there have been couple of cases where the attached documents are missing from assets and we confirmed the same as one of our development environments was not refreshed since a long time and we could see the documents...

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MXLoader 8.1 - What's New - Recording Available

In case you missed it, the recording is now available #Data Loading​ #Administration #EverythingMaximo -- Christopher Winston Projetech Inc. --

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RE: Maximo Versions

Hey Trevor, I am currently working with a client to move to 8.4. We initiated a discussion around, but then they inquired about 8. We're working closely with partners and IBM to navigate the process. We're still in the early stages of understanding everything( app points, red hat, etc)....

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RE: Maximo Versions

We too in MX7609 and planning for an upgrade. We choose to go for Mx7612 rather than MAS8.x for two reasons, 1) availability of skills in the market 2) maturity of the product. Regarding licenses we are OK with tokens as our end users work 24x7 hence named users are expensive. May be by 2025 we...

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RE: Maximo Versions

We too are on Currently, we find the MAS concurrent licensing (named user licensing fits us a whole lot better) model to be prohibitively expensive, so we await IBM's decision to offer named user licensing on MAS. So, pros: the new mobile software looks great, optimistic about having...

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Maximo Versions

Hi Everybody, I'm interested in finding out how many, IF any of the companies or organizations you're working for are planning in the near future on moving to version 8.4 MAS. Right now the Org I'm with is on and IBM has come to us with their options of upgrading to or MAS 8.4....

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