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IBM/ZPro Solutions Maximo Mobile & Anywhere Deep Dive - Roundtable Discussion Group - November 18th 2020

Maximo Mobile & Maximo Anywhere What's YOUR Mobility Roadmap? Explore new ways of working with mobile and AI. Discussions around how these new app-based solutions working with iOS and Android is the fast path to improved technician productivity with well designed, intuitive...

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RE: Maximo/SCADA Integration

We are working on something similar, but in our case it was PI to Maximo integration. We send operational data to Maximo and we are working on using Maximo's REST API and OSIsoft's PI Web API. Should be simple enough once we know the object structures and GET/POST operations. -- Alekhya Dadi...

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RE: Maximo/SCADA Integration

Hi Steve, No, haven't done a SCADA integration, but am interested! We're in a similar situation and would love to hear how it works out for your client. If we get to it soon, I'll pass along our experience - though I think it's a bit further down the road. -- Rob Radcliff Wake County GSA --

Discussion Post
Maximo/SCADA Integration

Has anyone done any simple integrations with SCADA Systems and Maximo. We have a client that wants to monitor a number of HVAC based system and automatically generate Work Orders when certain conditions exists. We would like to have some discussions regarding possible solution options and...

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