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 Length of DESCRIPTION_LONGDESCRIPTION in Item application

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Geoffrey Jeu posted 11-08-2023 11:02


I am asked to change the length of the attribute DESCRIPTION_LONGDESCRIPTION in Item application to 400. 
Right now it is set at 32000 and is in ready only.
I didn't see anything that could help me in the application designer...

Anyone knows if this is possible at all?

Thank you :-)

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Prashant Sharma

Longdescription is managed in a separate table for all applications and is an internal object where you can't make change. In DB it is CLOB/BLOB type which doesn't have size associated with it.

If you want to decrease the size of the Long description box for users then You can set a height and width (in pixels) on the longdescription control in the longdesc_dialog in the library system XML which will be applied on all the applications.