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RE: Cron Task Parameters

Maximo uses DESede encryption algorithm for Cypto & Cryptox data types to handle encrypted passwords. CRONTASKPARAM has an attribute CRYPTOVALUE - Field to store cron task parameters that require encryption, such as passwords which you should use to save password in encrypted form. psdi.util...

Cron Task Parameters

I have a need to create a CronTask for this I saw extending psdi.server.SimpleCronTask gives me what I need to run except one aspect. I need to make a parameter password(CRYPTO) I saw an example of LdapSyncCronTask that has a Credential Parameter that is perhaps the masked kind. I checked in DB...

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RE: Unable to cancel a SR

Just double-checking. . .In this most recent message the error says the ticket can't go to status CAN. In your original message, you said you created a status called CANCELLED. Which value is actually in the Synonym Domain, and is that the same value that you're trying to use to cancel the...

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RE: Unable to cancel a SR

Dear Travis, The error message that is displayed is as below:- BMXAA4295E-Could not change ticket status to CAN. BMXAA4190E- Status CAN is not in the value list We have added CAN as a synonym of CLOSE and the user has the rights to CLOSE the SR.We are on base version of without any ifix...

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Bridging the Asset Data Gap: BIM & Maximo

Join the experts for a 60-minute, in-depth Maximo learning webinar. Bridging the Asset Data Gap: BIM & Maximo​ May 18th 2:00-3:00 PM ET BIM (Building Information Modeling) is so much more than just 3D modeling! Worldwide, more facilities are taking...

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RE: Unable to cancel a SR

Mahadevan, What is the error that is thrown? Does the user have adequate permissions to CLOSE the SR? In your Workflow design, is there a Lock on Status Changes (the "NOSTATUS" action) that isn't unlocked (the "OKSTATUS" action) before trying to perform the Cancel status change? -- Travis Herron...

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RE: Unable to cancel a SR

Hi Mahadevan, CANCELLED is not an OOTB status in Maximo till version 7.6, however IBM is adding it as part of 7.6.1 (it is mapped to CLOSED internal value). I just gave try in OOTB environment. After adding CANCELLED as new external value for CLOSED, I was able to select it in SR change...

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RE: Unable to cancel a SR

Thanks a lot for your kind reply. I have checked and there is no OOTB SR status of cancelled and hence created a synonym of CLOSED.Also,there is no conditional expression attached to the SRSTATUS synonym domain against any of the domain values and hence it is very strange as to why the system is...

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